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Alabama Italian Queens & Honey Bees for sale
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Janet Parker
 Gordo, Alabama
Home of "The Alabama Italian Queen"

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To Quickly Order 2015 Spring Alabama Italian Queens

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Plus Shipping & Handling Charges


We are booked until July

We Ship Our Queens US only.

We Accept these Credit Cards over the phone.
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From: Janet Parker

I am a Commercial Beekeeper. Our Apiary Farm is in West Central Alabama in Gordo just off of Highway 82 in
Pickens County.

We Raise Honey Bees and offer Our very own Alabama Italian Queen Bee. We've added Cordovan, Hygienic, VSH Queens and others from all over the world to our yards and some of these bloodlines are in our hives now and our Queens.

We are trying to develop a Queen that will produce a much larger colony faster and still be calm.
We are hoping this development will also produce a queen that will fight off the hive beetle better. This is our main goal here at Bostic Hills Farm.

We are finding ways to help them grow much faster and be stronger and healthier.

We have gone organic with our treatments!!

Our shipping of the Alabama Italian Queen Bee begins in April 2015.
We start booking them in November.

 You can also pick up at the farm.

We Are State Inspected

We would like to thank all of our customers for your business and support.
and hope all of your Queens are performing well for you.

A little more about us:
We will have a limited amount of swarms for sale in 2015.

You can begin placing your orders now.

We decided to do things a little different.
We are going back to the way we used to do a few years back.

I believe this will make things a little easier on me and you will enjoy and appreciate the bees more.
We will, when the weather permits start as early in spring as possible. The cost is $145.00 each.

They will consist of three frames with
Bees, Brood, Pollen, Honey and a New 2015 Alabama Italian Queen Honey Bee.

You will need to keep feed and pollen patties on theses hives until the spring begins.
You get to watch how fast they can grow from this size. You see, this is what I've been doing. I start with three frames and watch them grow until they have five, then you pick them up. This is not going to be the case this year. I'm going to let you do the finals.

I am still doing the frame exchange. This year it will be three. So bring your own Brood size boxes full of 9-10 frames with the foundation installed and I will make the exchange.

You'll just need to come late in the evening and by appointment. Also, you can drop off your box anytime, w/name and number placed on box. We'll call you when they are ready for pickup.
They will have plenty of time to make themselves enough honey for the winter and a little for you to get a sweet taste of what to expect from them in 2016.

Due to weather
Nuc's will be ready for pickup mid of May.

To place your order for a swarm or swarms, click on Add to cart button below

Nuc Orders

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If you want the bees shipped to you, you will need to use this link below.

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Shipping charges will be discussed by phone.

We Accept these Credit Cards over the phone.
Call: 205-399-5087

We also accept checks over the phone.

Reports From Customers


Hi Janet,
I purchased four swarms from you in April and it is July. They made two boxes of honey already.

Hi Janet,
I can't believe it! The bees I bought from you have already made a super full of honey. I thought I would have to wait a whole year before getting any honey from them.
Thanks so much,

If you have a swarm that needs help and you can bring it to me, I'll fix them right up.

$45.00 per rack of sealed brood
Need a new Queen Bee, $23.00
Need treatment-$5.00             

What ever the problem. I'll do my best to see they survive.

My personal explanation of a Beekeeper 

I'm most like the honey bee itself. I work inside a closed dark box. A place that most can't even imagine being. Only to be found out and about if someone cares enough to take a look and open the box, even though scared of the dangers, to learn the unknown works of wonder that are happening inside. The perfection is found within the box. Knowing the bee family in person and time well spent in the study of landscapes and hope for the outcome of their perfections by manipulated variables, for health and endurance for their shortness of life, always exploring, knowing you must go bravely towards your expectations of successful  multiplication for the eternal existence of this family tree.  
By Janet Parker

Honey For Sale By Mail

Honey By Mail- $12.00 a Quart of the very best Pure Raw "Pickens County Alabama Clover" honey you'll ever taste!!! $7.00 a pint. Order online using your PayPal account. For 1 quart add $7.95 for shipping. For 1 Pint add $4.95 for shipping. Send PayPal payment to:

Wholesale Honey

Honey by the 55 gallon Drums - $1650.00
Honey in 5 gallon buckets - $180.00

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To see more Beekeeping Supplies listings, Please Visit "Beekeeping Supplies By Janet Parker"

 Package Bees

We will not be selling Package Bees this year

Introducing my New 2 in 1 Honeybee Feeder

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We Encourage You: To Create a Family Heritage.

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We Do Queen Cells - $5.00 each

  Virgin Queens

We are offering Virgin Queens by mail w/minimum order of 10 for $12.00 each plus shipping. or you can pick up at farm any amount for just $12.00 each.

I have been running test trying to find better acceptance for introducing the Virgin Queen into the hive.

This is what I have come up with that seems to work the best:

the queen is ready to hatch I place the cell into a Queen cell protector. After she hatches and receives her first royal honey from me, I'll place her into a queen cage and into the hive where she is needed. I'll keep her corked for about three days then remove the cork. The bees then take up to three days to eat the candy and release her. (One problem I have found is that the candy may be to hard at this time.) But, by this time she is very well accepted in the hive as their new queen. If you have to release her on that third day or 6th day I should say, remember, to always keep the cage touching the hive. The bees will not change in attitude at this point and you will know that everything has worked right. The love between them will show. Every Bee in the hive is calm. When you see her and another bee touching their noses together you'll know that all is OK. What is really happening with the nose touch is the nurse bee is feeding her.

There has to be no queen cells started in this hive and no eggs. So you have to take a look and destroy any queens cells you might find.

Within a few days afterwards she will have gotten all her play out and she will be bred and begin to lay.

If you find a queen on the ground and she is by herself. Don't try to capture her. If you have time you can watch her and see which hive she will fly into. Take the time if you can and watch her play all by herself. She is amazed with everything she comes in contact with.

She will crawl onto your finger. She may give you a taste and maybe even poke you with her stinger. The licking tickles, but, when she tries to prod and poke you with her stinger this is a little different. You may wonder what she is doing and you will find out soon enough. Try to just be still. The poke don't really hurt, but, will leave a brown spot where she does stick you. She'll clean herself for a short time after she pokes you and take to flight again.

If you find a small ball of bees on the ground you can bet that there is a queen in there. Break this up quickly and try to save her. You may even have to catch and throw a few of the bees. What happened here is she may have tried to enter the wrong hive and was attacked. You can just let her return to her hive. She won't make the same mistake twice. You will see her full of appreciation and relief upon her release.

If you open a hive and find a ball of bees in there somewhere. The queen entered the wrong hive. Break up the ball and let the queen get loose. She'll quickly find her way back to the right hive. Look around in the hive and you'll see the queen that belongs there. She will be busy eating, measuring and laying without worry.

The Queen may start out laying with only a small patch of Drone eggs in the center, (even before she is bred). but, also with some worker eggs all around. This is normal and a good sign. I think this shows maturity of her will to lay. She can lay at will. She can choose to lay a fertile or non-fertile egg. It shows me a sign that I call this: "She is proud of herself and wants her bloodline to continue ASAP thru the male".

Some of my very best queens were started out this way and yours can too.

I start all my hives out each Spring, all Summer long and in the Fall with Virgin Queens.

Order your Virgin Queens today!

Beginning in March 2015
The price is only $12.00 each for minimum of 10 plus shipping.
Allow up to two weeks for delivery.
  We graft on demand

Click on the button below to place your order for Virgin Queens.


We Accept these Credit Cards over the phone.
Call: 205-399-5087 to place your order.

We also accept checks over the phone.

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This is something special I want to share with you that I wish everyone could have seen. These bees really are very special and we could even learn from them better ways to communicate between ourselves.

I was releasing a virgin queen from a cage that had been in the hive for three days and watched her for awhile. When she came out of the cage a nurse bee walked up with her mouth full, surprised to see the queen and started to put the whole hive in a uproar. The nurse bee seemed as though she wanted this queen to be attacked. She seemed confused. Maybe, for the moment she thought this was another queen. She had never before seen her queen outside of the cage she had been kept in. With her mouth full she begin to sound an alarm. The queen quickly ran to her and took her front legs slapping and reaching and grabbed the worker bees cheeks and begin to shake her. Her shake was tender but very firm. The nurse bee then feed the queen as to say she was sorry. The queen walked away bowed up and then shaking herself off and acted as though she could not believe she was being mistaken so quickly by this nurse bee that had been feeding her for several days now. The nurse bee could have gotten her killed if she hadn't acted so quickly. The Queen then went on to eat some honey and do some measuring. The nurse bee after being stunned for a few moments, suddenly, seemed excited and ran off to get some more honey from a landing forager. She made her way quickly back to The Queen to feed her again. The queen accepted her offer with love and without hesitation. All went very well in the hive after that.

Place order here for Virgin Queens


We Accept these Credit Cards over the phone.
Call: 205-399-5087 to place your order.

We also accept checks over the phone.

Thank you and We Appreciate Your Business.   

Office hours: Monday thru Saturday 7AM-5PM Central Time
 We will be closed on Sunday.

Janet Parker

Early Queen Bee Orders

We encourage everyone to Book your Alabama Italian Queen Bee orders Early!

Spring is the best time to receive queens if you want to multiply your bees.
Replace your queens to Make Honey. New queens in the spring help to put a stop to swarming. The bees can then just concentrate on growing and making honey.

Queen Bee shipping should begin around March 25, 2015. and last until around November. So, please keep us in mind in the fall. Fall is a great time also to replace those older queens and these queens will give you a really quick start in the spring and cut down on your swarming problems.

You can Book your Spring 2015 Alabama Italian Queen Bee orders now and be first.

Payments in advance receive top priority.

We have received very good reports on our Queens in the past. We try hard to pick the very best.

We are State Inspected and can send you a copy if you must have one.
Our register No#: 15-JP491
Again, I thank each and every one of you for your patience and support.

I look forward to supplying your Queen needs in the future and I always Welcome New Customers.

P.S. I love to share beekeeping stories!


Janet Parker
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Janet Parker
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Alabama Italian Queens & Honey Bees for Sale